Wednesday, August 13, 2008

birthday weekend in wet goa

we managed to have a blast in the rains. dancing, games, singing, seafood, skinny dips in the sea (why is it called skinny dipping?)

but it rained the entire time, i have never before taken walks on the beach carrying an umbrella. or not, after your drenched from swimming in the sea does not matter how much of the rain hits you.

monsoon rains have been heavy the past few weeks in mumbai. train and buses out of the city canceled, due to landslides and boulders falling. In Mumbai it has been heavy, no serious flooding as of yet. Michael's documentation of the rains is representative of the current conditions.....

Oh, another fun activity this weekend was madlibs, for the first time in 35 years I understand what a participle (past and present) is! will post one of our works later : )

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