Saturday, August 02, 2008


I have had one ailment or incident after another since returning to India 3 weeks ago. Maybe as I near 35, my health is weakening or my 2 months in the USA lowered my natural defenses.

Head cold, Stomach, rat bite, and now sinus morphing into head cold again.....Maybe i need a detox from the US visit?

A friend of a portland friend has a health foundation, working toward equity in access and health education efforts. It is monsoon season here in India, malaria deaths are 82 so far in Mumbai this season, as listed in the paper today. At our school there have been at least 50 children sick with fever and colds, the rains, changing climates just this week, out of the 500 students.

We have started a health centre at the school, our current challenge is to stock the needed medicines. We have luckily staffed the health centre with 2 nurses, we are in much better shape than most residential schools in India, especially one that is for low income students.

Still the medicines and transportation in times of emergencies when a student needs to be referred outside are obstacles in providing prompt and efficient healthcare. We are in a good position now, to collect data and identify the source of the student's health incidents and prevent more of them in the future, that is the ultimate goal. Prevention.

I like some of the quotes used in the documentary for the San Fransisco based health foundation, Souhl Foundation ...."He who has health has hope, And he who has hope has everything" Thomas Carlyle, Scottish Philosopher

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