Tuesday, July 01, 2008

a month as an okie

I have finished out my month in Oklahoma. It was a learning experience. I had some good bonding time with my sister who is braced up due to her back fracture. Not on her usual rapid pace, work and life. Played a few points of disc my last day - it was a perfect oklahoma summer day. Could not complain. Brother Matt had found the perfect tree to camp out under. It was hard to say goodbye.

On to Colorado, my last stop before heading to LA. I will spend the fourth in Colorado Springs - shocking my body into submission, bouncing from humid to dry and soon to tropical monsoon weather. one week.

I got a postcard from the j's who visited brazil. Meant to link up a show jess' friend started and now other friends are doing in Portland as well as nationwide Mortified. www.getmortified.com. Was not able to catch it, but the concept sounds great. reading old letters , journal entries, songs, poetry from your younger years in front of people. Not sure I would have the nerve, but would be great to hear.

Hope to get some bike riding in, paint and prep a baby room and visit another school at the tail end of my long US visit. battery is dying and would be nice if I could sleep. Maybe it is all the fresh mountain air here in colorado? Or insomnia is contagious.

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