Wednesday, July 09, 2008

2008 Tour de United States finis

I am back. 2 months in the states, I really felt I may have lost my touch for India - but I managed the luggage, the taxi driver requesting buksheesh and navigated my way home just fine! even had to loan and dial my phone so my friendly airplane neighbors could call there son in gujarat to say they made it. They did not have a mobile, nor know how to dial another state! cute.

It rained heavy when I woke up, but now the sun is out. It rained a lot during my travels in the past couple of days, there was a rainbow when I was headed to the Denver airport, a storm in Toronto delayed our departure by an hour and I believe there were some showers in Brussels as well.

I tried sleeping in, but I can't sleep, bet the jet lag will hit me later. Feeling kind of excited to be back, want to see my friends too! The birds were chirping a bit too loudly outside my window for sleeping, buzzing saws, construction noises, rickshaw and car horns, then the man yelling down on the street to collect your junk - and I live on a quiet street.

Off to get a pedicure, I am long overdue. Could not afford the 20 dollar ones in the states, plus i think I would have been disappointed. I hope Raj is there today!

Here are some final photos from my travels in the states, my last few days in Colorado. We visited the Broadmoor. Colorado Springs version of the Taj - the 5 star hotel chain, not the historical monument. It was a nice evening - sipping cocktails, gazing at the mountains......

me and my lovely!
best friends for 22 plus years - since we were 5 or something ha!
Fountainside drinks
our broadmoor tour guide and historical expert. ms nay nay.

the senior pga tour is here this weekend, at the broadmoor course.
Even after his 2 margaritas, joshua is still thirsty.

reminds me of pearl.
group at yummy blue star. great place to meet new friends.
oh yeah, i do have photos from pike's peak too. another post!

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chance said...

Hey Stacie, I am not sure how, but I ended up on your blog. It's really great to see you are doing so much with yourself. Email me if you'd like and we can catch up.

Long time,