Saturday, June 21, 2008

a real photographer

I have been meaning to link these for a week or so, a friend in Mumbai/Bombay via Portland is a photographer. Micheale Rubenstein - Some of his recent posts and work have been really interesting. His photos were in a recent International Tribune and NY Times story about a local philanthropic activity in Mumbai.

A sort of soup kitchen, as you drive by and see rows of men seated on the ground inside and out front on the sidewalk/road you can stop in the car and offer to feed 1, 2 or 10 however much money you care to contribute and it will buy the men (only men, not women at these spots in a muslim area of Mumbai, Mahim) a meal. Immediately the men file in and start eating.

The photos and story are great.

Michael has also posted others, their recent visit to Sharnaram - it is a shelter for 30 girls. The girls are given a better life in the shelter and still see their parents, if they have them. At the shelter they are given the opportunity to study in a private school (I would guess 70% of chidren must study in private schools in Mumbai, it is the only chance to really get ahead - there are a range of fees), get tuitions after school, participate in extra curricular activities, dance, sports with magic bus , computer classes, a friend said some of the girls have recently learned how to chat online - great, more people wasting time online chatting - ha! no, I love it - good for the girls to practice their english too.

Another series of photos he has posted are on a recent story on men in the state of Gujarat that make huge ships by hand. see the pictures. enjoy! come and visit.

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