Friday, June 20, 2008

farting on a plane can't be heard ...

...because the engines are too loud.
I have been given this wise advice before, but tonight it was again confirmed. David Sedaris was in Tulsa, Oklahoma and reading from his journal entries - he talked about a flight attendent sharing that tip with him! The flight attendent had told David that your insides get like a crinkled water bottle with all the pressure while flying, causing the gasey sensation. With the loud engine noise, the attendents walk down the aisles flatuating and call it crop dusting the passengers.

We waited for a while after his talk to get our books signed, personally. But because we showed up late, sorry emily, we were supporting my brother at his new job, a new gastro/pub opened in town and we went to sit in his section at Oscars. After an hour and a half of waiting, me, Steph and Adrienne killed time shopping at old navy (2 for $5 flip flops!) and picking up some snacks at Fridays, the signing had only gotten thru to the C ticket holders. I had J. We left, with a non personalized signature copy of the book. Emily told us to come early, lesson learned.

Fridays was odd, as i have always found those fast food served at your table sort of restaruants to be anyway. There was a police officer walking around inside and waiting outside when we walked out, when I asked why, the response I got, because there were a lot of African - Americans in there. Really, is it that prejiduce here? Was odd, the whole situation was. And a bit sad I felt.

So, back to my travels in the US, my sister had a wreck on a 4 wheeler. She says it was the end of the day, tired. She was heading in to the campfire for the cookout and was going so fast threw herself off the vehicle. Hence the backbrace and compression fracture. She visits the doctor on Monday.

I have photos from san fransisco, portland and seattle -

Me, mom and my sister stephanie

chinatown photos

janay on the cable car

Brother mike, walking his bike

baby simon and jamie in portland

last meal in portland, thai! yum.

Seattle, view while waiting in line for the ferry.

sunset on the ferry ride to bainbridge island

dinasours in seattle!

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Anonymous said...

haha so funny and so true! i've definitely farted on planes and i can't even hear it, much less the person next to me. no smell, just air. i guess the compression explanation is correct.

i'm jealous you got to see david sedaris, i think he's hilarious. too bad you couldn't meet him and have him sign your book. oh well.

i'm going back home july 12. dunno when i'll be back in hk. my work visa's expiring and i'm getting island fever. i'll continue to job hunt back in l.a. while keeping in touch with contacts here. we'll see what happens.