Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I arrived in portland today, in enough time to fill out my mail in ballot and vote in the prez primary and mayor race - looks like Obama is the favorite in Oregon, there were over 75K folks out to see him on Sunday I am told.

Portland is the same same but different. More fertile people with babies - one set of Js had a Simon, he is 2 weeks old, today. He is so good too, not much crying, unlike the screaming 2 year old kicking the back of my seat on SW flight 1827 today. I was tired, I seemed to block it out.

The other set of Js are in a new eco friendly house, solar tubes on the roof heat the water and radiate heat beneath the (tiger) wood floors. There was landscaping on the roof top and skater j was displaying his recent arm break xrays in the living room.

Once I recover from my whirlwind visa run/road trip/graduation festivity weekend in san francisco I plan to play some frisbee and visit friends. I need to rest a couple days. I got my visa at the last minute. It was held up, why? because they did not understand how I could have a copy of my passport and visa when I had lost it. Isn't that travel rule #1, make copies of your important documents. I thought I was slacking because I have not scanned and emailed them to myself yet.

I will post some photos of the lovely food i am eating - I think portland has the best choices in restaurants. small, unique, local foods. Great international cuisines - every few months a new restaurant opens. I remember why I love this place so much. It was raining when I arrived, but it did not bother me - it makes things green. Flying in seeing the green for miles was fabulous, India is so brown and if a tree is green now its leaves are dusty and appear brown.

Portland may elect a new mayor tonight too, where else (ok, maybe california) does a candidate say he is 'stoked' and wear hipster frames. portland is weird, i like it!

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