Tuesday, May 13, 2008

home again

After a short stop over in London, visited some ultimate friends from Portland I journeyed on to Los Angeles. Where it was cold. overcast, so it felt cold. Then to see my grandparents and fedde, the cat, not my dutch cousin, but it is named after him! They live in the Desert, east of LA it was warmer - but not Mumbai weather. Dry not humid and not 40 degrees Celsius either.
Now I am in Colorado with Janay and family, Tim, Maddie and Prunes. Celebrated janay's bday and mother to be day!
BDAY girl janay and hubbie tim!

We visited Salida, a rafting town an hour and a half from Colorado Srpings. Saw the royal gorge. Rode bikes - chilled out reading baby books and catching up on lifetime movies and soap operas, can you believe Victor is still on Y & R, I saw him in LA one time while we were waiting in line for the Price is Right!, he looked nice in jeans.

Royal Gorge

There were threats of snow last night, it didn't. But it must have dropped 15 or 20 degrees. Next stop in the states is Oakland for Miguel's graduation and then on to Portland to meet Simon - Jamie and Justin's new son.

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Jasmeet said...

Man that pic above of the Gorge is Gorgeous... n' scary...