Friday, May 26, 2006

returned from Hong Kong.....

13213233kicking and screaming. No! not entirely true, I could have stayed longer. They have trash cans on every corner, I did not see one person pee on the side of the road, I could walk down the sidewalk and look at people in the eyes (in India I have to watch my every step - poop piles!), they had sidewalks in Hong Kong, they had mexican food restaruants and best of all ULTIMATE frisbee.

I played twice, league night during the week with post play beers and on sunday, there were enough people for games on two fields. One group was preparing for the Shanghai tourney and then the other field, scrubs- we had two games to 7. Ironically the league games were played at the Indian Recreation Club - and in India I can't even find clean playable field space.

But I love India, it is a love - hate relationship. It is so hot now, and no AC in the house. I got sick when I got back here to India, worst runs yet (can't you tell I am a travller freely talking about my bowel movements) and I am very careful what I eat and drink.

India is exciting. I took a new volunteer to his assignment in town, at a foundation that teaches english to children from slums or very low income families. It is just so touching how appreciative and excited they are to learn. Adorable children all remembering me from a prior visit and saying hello!

When in Hong Kong finding veg food was difficult, but it was easy to find seafood which I enjoyed. They do eat a lot of meat - and what I thought had been a myth, about using cat/dog meat must really be true. I found this picture in the MTR (subway) stairwell.

3435Hong Kong is extremely commercialized and the ads (billboards) interestingly often use firangs. It was mother's day weekend and one of the huge malls (over 10 floors of stores - including the basement) had a mother's day display which included this big silver shoe and several closely gaurded (maybe they were expensive shoes - but I saw 2 to 3 gaurds posted on lookout) clear glass globes hung with a single shoe displayed and decorated inside.

3536The public transporation was amazing in HK, few personal cars on the road I did not feel like it was polluted (maybe my standards have been lowered being in Mumbai?) nor were there traffic jams. There were double decker air conditioned buses, subway and an extensive ferry system. Here is the Star Ferry company I used frequently on my visit.

At sunset! (photo by Mukesh - he says I don't give him any credit)

I went to Disneyland with Maruhk (daughter of Mukesh's friend) she was visiting her father for a month, so we ran around together a few days. It was her first time to a Disney park, oh how it is fun to be a kid again. I remember when my Uncle Bruce took me to Disneyland the Original on my 18th birthday. Us kissing Donald.3738
3839Dancing flowers from the afternoon parade - Alice in Wonderland's flowers. 3940


Out for Dim Sum with Ada (from Toronto but met in Mumbai) and Maruhk.4142


4344More shopping in Shatin a suburb. They had a free! playland set up based on the peanut's characters.

This was at the KFC in the mall - the entire family had plastic gloves on. I don't know if it was about the bird flu fears or Mukesh said they were wearing them b/c they were eating with their hands rather than normal chopsticks?
Poster children for Public Health!4546

4647We saw the largest outdoor seated Buddha on Lantau Island and had a nice hike with Ada down the hill.4748

And at the end of my trip I had trouble sleeping the night before leaving. Before going to bed there was a typhoon (Chanchau) warning at level 1 and it was due to hit the next day around the time our flight was leaving. Everything ended up being fine in HK, heavy winds and rains. Our flight left on time, but it did hit the southern China coast the next day and killed several people.

4849Here is a warning sign I saw on the way down from Lantau Island.

I have been having fun taking pictures for my friend's daily photo blog, she is out of town so I am posting photos. There are several other cities that post pictures either daily or less frequently.

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