Monday, May 08, 2006

Hong Kong, doesn't stink

Why ! (hi in cantonese ) all
Hong Kong is clean, organized, buses have A/C and people DON"T honk their horns constantly. [I am comparing to Bombay for those who did not catch on]  Went to the Ladies' Market today in Mong Kon.  Reminded me of being in Thailand.  But they jack up the prices like India or even worse.  you have to bargain down to at least 50% of the asking.  Probably actually 40% but I felt at times that was offensive.
HK is expensive, as I was told.  My mind may blow a fuse with me trying to convert to and compare to Rupees and US Dollars.  sharpening my math skills.
Stinks my cousin was not here.  But do have a friend from Bombay, whose family is here and she is back  visiting them before returning to Toronto.  We took the ferrry across the bay last night.  I love boat travel! 
More adventures later.
ciao. haven't learned bye in cantonese yet.

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