Sunday, May 28, 2006

the eagle has landed

AC is on again. It was brought to my attention that I have posted three gripes in different posts (and I don't post often) about there not being AC. So after night 1 with the AC I have been requested to post that now I am again in the comfort of modern technology.

In the US I many times would cringe when the AC was turned on, griping about it is too cold, waste of energy, bad for the environment, etc. Even here in India I recall commenting that the AC is always blasted when I walk into a building, "what a shock to the system", blah, blah, blah...
I thought I was so tough, I could rough it. But no, obviously I am a spoiled western brat who needs their life comfort appliances in working order.

What if I had done the peace corp or something, in a village. Surely, there would be no AC there. Maybe I just want it to work b/c I know it is available, I would like to believe I could adapt and withstand the stagnate humid constant heat (yes I would wake up and be sweating) in a different setting. I always try to fool myself! maybe I am just too old to feel like roughing it?

In Sikkhm in the north, traveling in January I was bitching and moaning about a heater and the fact that the guesthouse wanted to charge me Rs50 or was it 100, a night for the floor unit. What is with that? So many people here in India, I would imagine more in Africa, China and probably more than I realize in develolped western countries are living without these appliances I feel are necessities.

Next on my request list a washing machine. I am pitiful.

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