Tuesday, May 30, 2006

talented kids

so I am helping a friend with placing foreign volunteers in NGOs here in India. This requires going out to meet these organizations and seeing the type of work they do. Today I visited a boy's drop in center. These are boys who have run away from home and were found at local train stations by an outreach worker.

They come to the center from 9 to 5 everyday, eat, play, and have some lessons. There was a director there today looking for young actors to play parts in his documentary film about child laborers. The boys did a couple skits they had written, sang songs, told jokes (which I could not understand because they were in Hindi, but everyone else who could were rolling with laughter) and did some dances.

They were so adorable, many of them had on new jeans (I am guessing for the informal audition with the director) and several had left on the tags (I don't think it was for style).

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