Monday, June 01, 2009

four and a half years

I left Mumbai April 3rd. Me, ruby & zara boarded delta flight 185 - 17 hours to atlanta. woo hoo! After having to take each cat out of their cage, walk them thru the metal detector, send each cage individually thru the bag screener. Again, go thru delta's extra assuring security - each cat out of their cage and the guard searching the cage, I made it on.

A friend helped me out and the delta agent assigning seats gave me a seat with an empty I could place both cats in the seats underneath. After, zara nearly ripping thru the cage on the way to the airport, me in tears because (maybe leaving india was part of it) but I had forgotten the upc code stickers for the cats microchip implants, karilyn, paul and mukesh comforting me, mukesh sitting with me for 3 hours waiting for the flight we finally took off! USA.

I think it had been 8 or 9 months and I was not really ready. I had extended my stay in Mumbai, had some fun coaching a middle school girl's basketball team : ) I like that age group and reminded me of the fun times I had coaching my sophomore and high school girls in Norman.

I had some great times with friends before leaving, trips to goa! scooters, fresh raviolis, boat rides, train rides, pool parties, retro music, brunches, bollywood dance classes, my kiddos and colleagues at nareshwadi and atma and amazing, fabulous, crazy lovely people I will not forget (sniff, sniff).

I stayed with paul and karilyn for about 6 hospitable months (moved with them!) and then because I decided to extend my stay I sub let a place for a few months and again synchroniscally met up with a couple of friends who I let stay as a favor and then we ended up decided to all be roomies. Why not stuff 3 people in a one bedroom?! It is only 2 months. It surpisingly worked out well. I think we stuffed 6 people in at one time, with visitors and sleepovers.

Again, the people I have met in my 4 1/2 years and the experiences have shaped my life. Lifelong friends.

So now on with life. I was not as ambitious in securing a job prior to departing india, it was my plan but did not pan out. I am in Tulsa now, on top of the international job search. and finally updating my blog.
I was reunited with my blog title inspiration, the bleu velo and have been enjoying some rides around the arkansas river. I spent time in Alabama with my college friend Ali, in California with my grandparents and my friend from jr high, for the past 23 years, in Colorado and her new baby braxton (

Now back in Tulsa with family, I saw my brother and sister graduate (2 grueling ceremonies, why do theyhave to be sooo long?!) from college - yay!!! Celebrated mother's day with all my siblings, first time we have all been together in a few years in tulsa.

So now hard on the job search, looking for international health and development positions. I would love another international posting, India or elsewhere. Most of the US based positions I am interested in are in DC, NY or SF....all places I would love to try out living. for a few years!

I miss the daily excitement of India. Loud, stimulating rickshaw rides. Fruit and veggie wallas. Kids in the village. My friends. The food. But i am happy to have my family here in tulsa. Summer is here, sunshiney days....I have grown to love the sun and heat of india. At least that feels familar here in oklahoma.

On to planning new adventures.....

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