Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Back in Bombay!

Mike & Aliya on the mumbai local

I had a wonderful time traveling with my brother Mike and Aliya. Took them to the airport on the night of the 6th : (

Goa, Kerela, Tamil Nadu and Mumbai times were fun - they got to meet some of my lovely friends, we had 'unforgettable' bus rides, sleepy train rides and lots of beach time. Now back in the big bustling bombay - last couple of months with my friends and trying to figure out what I am going to do I will start the intense job hunt and finish my application for UC Denver PhD program.

Lots of the unknown at the moment....I am sure it will all work out, seems to do that in life!

South Mumbai

Goa hike to Monkey Island with family from Denmark, led by our guide Ajay (taking the photo). Palolem Beach
Goan sunset : )

Loongis - man skirts worn often in the south of india.
This is the short, hiked up version.

wall sign in kerela
Halwa,a yummy gummy textured sweet. Calicut or Khozikode is a well known area for making this deliciousness. I sampled several and bought coconut and pista.

Our Boat in Kerela - near Calicut

Kerela backwater trip
Elephant bling, this guy has gold chains!

South india, the land of loongis...a man riding a bike in loongi and decorative material too.

drying out my phone, dropped it in the river

If we aren't on a bus or train we are waiting on one....bus stop at Silent Valley National Park, Kerela

On bus to Tamil Border - our driver. One of the 5 buses that day!On our first bus of the day....unforgetable : ) in kerela

Auroville, Tamil Nadu, near Pondicherry

First drum purchased in India, after being harrassed for 4 years by various drumsellers I gave in, Mike's Winter Solstice gift! But our drumseller did follow thru on helping us...surprise.

Friends from Sudan we met in Auroville, Tamil Nadu

Rickshaw run Day 1 - Pondicherry, Beach Road

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