Sunday, November 23, 2008

Last week of work!

Change, as obama says, is what we need. Not sure if it is what I need, but it is what is happening. I am in my last week of work with the wonderful students and staff and Nareshwadi. I will miss them terrribly and imagine that the last week of work will be emotional.

Although there is a lot going on to keep my mind off all the changes, for instance the need to find a job (in this bustling economy!), trying to decide where it is I am going to move, planning a trip driving a rickshaw across india, carrying 2 cats from india to the united states....I have my hands full.

I have experienced many changes throughout my life, but why is it each new time it comes up I still resist. Would be nice perhaps to settle, or would I get bored? Life is the journey, not the I believe that. I may like a destination.

Some photos from our week of prepping for a donor visit to nareshwadi and me gettting sentimental about leaving....

Sign painting

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