Thursday, October 16, 2008

World Action Blog Day

This year's topic was Poverty...I am going to post a couple of links one on child hunger in India and the other on the Uncultured Project a YouTube project.

I am a day late on this, I could manipulate the date - you can do that on blogger! but i won't so not in full participation, but I am on IST - Indian Stretch Time...ha! no really I forgot, had seen this event was coming up.

I think interesting too is the role poverty is playing in the current US Election. Two candidates with 2 different proposals on the economy. One for wealth distribution for the highest income generators the other for those on the lower end of the spectrum. Mc Cain is hoping for that trickle down effect, where people have been waiting for it to "get wet" for 8 years at the lower end of that supposed trickle the other for wide open rains. I like a lot of folks am happy someone is saying "Let it rain!!" Jon stewart said it best on tuesday (at about 16:45...but the whole ari fliesher interview is good!). Cheney is a barnacle! ha! too funny.

In all seriousness, the compassion and concern that Obama has for those from less advantaged backgrounds is something that has won me over. I think providing the basics of quality education and health care are what any compassionate society should supply. These I hope will improve the condition of those suffering from poverty in the US, which is quite a shame in one of the most wealthy countries in the world, that we can not take care of our own people better.

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