Sunday, March 23, 2008

Eid Mubarek, Happy Holi and Happy Easter!

A festive weekend in Mumbai - Thursday started with Mawlid al-Nabi, Prophet Muhammad's Birthday, then Good Friday and the first day of Holi, Saturday was colorful part of Holi, celebration of spring and Today Sunday is Easter! With the various religious groups living side by side in India, there has been non stop action and music, lights, parading, and celebrations!

Holi is definitely one of the most fun interactive holidays, throwing color all over one another,being drenched with water. The eggs being thrown from the tops of buildings was not fun and water balloons at full speed and close range can hurt - even if there is not a bruise to show for it!

Roaming the streets with friends was great, a friend recently returned from my last US home, Portland. She dragged two more portlanders out and they were able to participate in the colorful holiday. We played with kids and adults from the local Khar neighborhood. Mostly people from hutments are playing, the society buildings were quiet - did see some kids playing in the parking areas. The main acttion from the pricey real estate were the balloons or eggs being hurled from the building tops or windows. The real fun was on the streets!

Seemed the women in the hutments tended not play as much, a few would come out from curiousity to see us walking thru but most of the celebrations were made up of guys. Bravely in a rickshaw, completely unprotected on my way home from playing Holi with friends in Khar, the roads were lined with only men, walking to/from Juhu beach. I did see a lone family or two out playing.

There are the few incidents that give the holiday a bad name, today's paper had a boy who is partially blind, from having dis temper ( I think that is like primer) thrown in his eyes, and balloons at close range can be painful. Friend's gave good advice to start and finish early before the alcohol/drinks kick in and people get more fiesty.

Today was a Birthday/Easter brunch, homeade french toast (sweet and salty versions!), real maple syrup, powdered sugar to top, scrambled eggs with cheese, crispy home potatoes - spicy version and mimosas! yum! a nap followed this feast.

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