Tuesday, January 08, 2008

holiday @ palolem beach, goa

Visited goa when fedde was visiting from the netherlands in november, we drove, yes drove down to baga. stayed for a night, visited with fedde's new friends (he had been there for the previous week) such as the owner of the white elephant restaurant that gave us two brown elephant statues as souvenirs. then drove down to palolem that was my ideal beach experience, quiet, clean beaches. so lovely! I am ready to go back.

my fellow beach bums, fedde and mukesh

did a lot of this

was able to throw disc everyday, was wonderful. then donated my frisbee to the beach, nearby shop owner was very good at frisbee, thought he would enjoy the disc more than I could in mumbai!

me and cousin fedde

could see from one end of the beach to the other....


Anonymous said...

last picture of the beach looks awesome


AlterinG Abhishek said...


Anonymous said...

it's tybalt!!!

i can't wait to come back to india :)