Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My day, adaption from email to my mom...

I was heading home from Bandra where I got out of the taxi K. and I took from Dadar. We got off the western railway train (the line bombed, there are three in Mumbai, Western, Central and Harbor) around four at Dadar and walked to the park, stopping for pictures, coffee and our research on bus routes for soon to arrive volunteers.

After going to the bookstore and petting a kitty on the sidewalk at the west side of the park we took a cab back to Bandra. I hopped out where she turns off the main road and I caught a bus that goes back to 7 bungalows, a community near my house. I had just gotten money from an event from the world cup soccer match (this was what I was describing to you when skype kept cutting off, this was an event for the swiss and french match in round one). We had been trying to get paid for quite a while and Hayley got the money yesterday so I had 75 bucks and was going to buy some new glasses. I had gotten my perscription when I was back in Tulsa but waiting for some extra money to get new glasses, I have some I wear at home,but the prescription is a few years old and they are scratched up so I don't wear them out much.

In the shop I was modeling my final three choices and was asking this muslim women and her daughter for their opinion. She ended up giving me her phone and email and invited me to visit her in Samaa the capital of Yemen saying they needed public health workers there. Very sweet lady.

I bought some shampoo and conditioner at the store around the corner then came home in a rickshaw. The driver forgot to turn the meter on, but I knew how much it cost to get from that store to my building so I gave him 15 rupees (about 30 cents). I went upstairs had some dinner (I was happy b/c the maid/cook does not speak english - i am trying to teach her - so I had to write a note in Hindi before leaving the house did not know if it was exactly correct, so who knows what I would have turned up for dinner) paneer (like tofu, but it is dairy, a light fluffy cheese) mutter (green peas) with steamed rice.
It was yummy and exactly what I asked for. I read the newspaper then took a shower and was going to go to the internet cafe downstairs but checked first if the net was working finally (it had been out for a week since we had heavy rains on july 4th), I had kind of given up hope that it had been restored but was happily surprised it was on! Then I saw that k. was calling and that I had missed several calls and had phone messages, my phone was on a 'discreet' tone b/c I had beenin meetings earlier in the day.

She told me the horrible shocking news. I turned on the TV, it is everywhere, local, national and international news. M. got thru on the phone and I told him I was fine. I have been communicating via email and online chatting with K.and A. (she is in Canada but was lived here for 6 months and we took Hindi classes together). Then I spoke with my mom and thank goodness it feels good to be able to talk and get all the feelings out. I appreciate my mom's positive approach.

K.and a friend from s. africa were going to a hospital in Bandra to donate blood. I think they are both O -, a universal type. I don't know which type I am? But do not feel like getting out now. I will send positive thoughts from home and feel thankful I was not out there.

I hope all my friends are safe at home and feel horrible with what has happened. I don't understand the violence. My mom is correct in saying that the people who did this must be so disturbed it makes you feel sorry for them as much as angry.

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