Wednesday, June 28, 2006

my first real live bollywood star

I am taking a month long yoga course. Every day monday through friday 10 to 4. Very enjoyable and they have housing for any travelers that want to take a course, they have shorter, week long courses also.

Ok the title of this entry - bollywood is the movie capital of India. and the billion people plus in this country love their stars. I happen to be taking this course with the girlfriend (also a foriegner, italian) of a major star. Saif Ali Kahn. He did probably my favorite movie so far, I guess it has been done several times over a remake of a classic. Parineeta....I did see it in the theatre in Hindi with my lovely friend Rohini translating.

But then I got the DVD and watched with subtitles. Sweet film.

So, Saif came to class to see Rosa his girlfriend this afternoon. Everyone at the institute was very excited, autographs, pictures....I even got a little excited, he is a movie star and all.

here is a photo with me and Hela - another gal from states taking course and the bollywood boy, Saif. wow! what a cheesey smile I have...I have never even had my pic taken with a hollywood star.

I have never looked at the 'stars' websites before, wow they give too much information. One of the sites even has his address. that is crazy, do they do this for hollywood stars too? I guess they do sell the 'map of stars' on the roads in LA.

I have to admit he seemed like a very down to earth guy. It was impressive that he came to our yoga institute and wasn't shy about coming into public where he would be 'bothered' by fans. He even sat down and had tea snacks with us after class. So my first encounter with a hindi film star was positive!


Ada said...

WOW! that is soooo cool! I wish i had met a bollywood star, wouldn't really matter who, and he's actually famous. fun! so jealous!

Anonymous said...

hey hey hey! i just learned from steph that you are taking yoga courses to become an instructor? that is really cool and there's no better place to study than in india! now all you gotta do is start taking some hindi classes... hmmm... :P