Thursday, October 06, 2005

Ultimate Frisbee in Mumbai!!

Wow! very impressive, Day 1 of frisbee in Bombay and
we played in the rain.

I was pretty bummed when I arrived at the park and it
was misting, there was high grass and trash everywhere
and cricket ruled the fields.  I did not see a lot of
hope in us playing.  But once Ada arrived and we
walked out on the fields we (we means four of us) found a decent patch of
free land to throw the disc.

Indian cricketers, mainly kids were very curious about these round plastic items and the foriegners throwing them around. We had a cheering section - "no don't throw that way, throw this way" and cheers of "yeah!!!", "good throw" on completions or difficult catches. plenty of ohhhss and ahhhs.

and we even taught some of them to play.  There were some
natural frisbee throwers out there!  We even managed
to have a game of three on three 'hotbox', the new
local players were diving into the mud to catch the
frisbee and quickly grasped the strategy.

Was a fun time! even during the 10 minute down pour.

So this Sunday we are attempting it again....there is hope for frisbee in Bombay yet!

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