Thursday, October 06, 2005

Holidays and Festivals in India

sunday, october 2nd was gandhi's birthday. October 4th was
the start of a festival, dasera, or navarathri here in
the south of india.  it is 10 days, the first three
honoring Durga (overcoming negatiave tendencies or
jealousy, greed and passion or vasanas inherent in
humans) then the goddess Lakshimi signifies the
establishment of possitive tendencies, afection,
charity and forgiveness etc. and the last three days
are to Saraswati and signifies gaining supreme
knowledge of the self.

next diwali starts, festival of lights and end of
Hindu year.  it has become commercialized though it is
an "auspicious" time to buy things.  very convenient to
businesses! there are lots of advertising now.  like christmas in the US.

that is something that I think is sad about India, the
aspiration for western lifestyle and its associated
consumerism : (

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