Friday, August 03, 2007

Back and it is raining

non stop! Monsoons are here, guess it was dry for a couple weeks before we arrived back in India, but now it has been wet, wet, wet.

so many photos, I have posted to picasa, link:

Was great visit to states, 6 weeks, but still missed out on seeing so many people and doing things I wanted, playing more frisbee namely. Well, friends and family are more important! and I gained 10 lbs, but enjoyed every bit of it. donuts, mexican food (daily for the 1st 4 weeks I think!) and other yummy treats.

Come visit india, will be nice in november, I hope. Usually October is hot, right jamie?? but Nov - Feb mild, pleasant, weather wise, the rest of India, you have to decide for yourself.

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Anil P said...

Nov-Feb is usually nice.