Monday, April 16, 2007

Fishin' village

The digital camera has made photo taking more fun and less intrusive for everyone I think, the immediate satisfaction of being able to share the photo with the subject/s gives them something, rather than just a 'take' relationship.
The children in this fishing village in dahanu, like the children in mumbai or any that have been exposed to the digital camera, run to be in the photo then rush over to see the results. If you don't have digital, it is a real dissapointment, the kids expect it now.

Anna sharing her photos with the kiddos.


yogsma said...

awesome pics..being a is always feel good that somebody appriciate the spirit of this city.

VISHAL said...

very nice pictures and seems like you are having a good volunteering exprience. these pictures of the fishing village are very touching as i belong to the same community and now relocated far west, here in san francisco. love to see how enthralled the kids look with your presence around. keep up the good work!