Saturday, April 14, 2007

Atma Volunteers

Atma group of volunteers at a fun night out, in town! We work hard and party too!

Board member Rahul, teaching a the 'Atma Bhangra' to Lee.

The ATMA Board.

another joonbug! and ilayna (sorry for the botched spelling sweetie! don't know these dutch names or the korean ones, ha!)

Klaus & board member Mahesh!

Namaste Mumbai
and dacning....

and more dancing...

Pangkuti (again botched spelling I think) an NGO that runs a school in an unplanned housing area of eastern Mumbai, the NGO started by some IITers and now supported by several foreign volunteers, that have nice smiles!

note: Camera on the sly, we were NOT to take photos at this 'club' I can't give you the locale name. ha! but the colonial architecture was fabulous!

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