Wednesday, November 29, 2006

bad girl

no sorry not a confession of recent escapades. Just a bit of guilt for the long delay in posting. I can't really call myself a blogger.

visited Kolkata recently, thought it was my first time in 8 months from leaving mumbai, but I forgot my Hong Kong visit. So it had been 6 months since leaving the vicinity of the city, I have been busy at Nareshwadi, the rural village area a few hours north town.

we visited the botanical gardens, boasting the world's largest banyan tree...too big for a good photo.

but these 'floating flowers' were beautiful, I don't know what they are, there was not very good signage at the gardens. Anyone know? these aren't lily pads I don't think.

and a journey out of town, 30 or so kms. Dakshineshwar

there was a boat journey across to belur math, Swami Vivekananda built a temple in 1899, he was a disciple of Ramakrishna. Located on the bank of the Ganga.

I just love Kolkata/ Calcutta. maybe it is all the book shops(finally found a book I had been looking for past three months, "all the fishes come home to roost" by rachel manija brown), the artistic touches, tile mural on the METRO subway entrances. just the feel of the city. Maybe the bridges remind me of portland, here is the bally bridge.

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lostdesi said...


Wow, Calcutta. I envy you. Well, In the past 30 days, I have been to Seattle, Houston and New York and have some the best food I have had in years.
However, I would have loved to have had Rasgullas in Calcutta.

You will have to guide me to some good food places when I am there.

Keep on posting.