Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Independence day & Lord Krishna's Birthday

Just now getting a post up from the Independence day celebration the 15th of August and Lord Krishna's Birthday celebration with Dahi Handi on the 16th.
My building had a small celebration, some children from the building sang and gave a speech. There was a flag raising and 'picnic' with Samosas and veg chutney sandwiches.

I did not get out this year to see any of the Dahi Handi pyramids (too much rain). Where teams (there were girl's teams featured in the papers!) build multiple leveled (up to 11, 12 and 13) human pyramids to reach and break the goal a clay pot with dahi (curd or yogurt) ghee (clarified butter) and money!
On this day of Krishna's birthday celebration, Gokulastami (is one of the names) the pots of ghee and dahi are used because Krishna was a mischeveous little boy and liked to sneak into peoples homes and climb high where the pots of curd and ghee were hung to eat these treats.

Some of the bigger pots of money & goodies around town attract 100s of teams attempting to build and reach the pot. K. posted a good pic from a tall pyramid!

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