Sunday, August 13, 2006

Holiday Season is about to begin

Feel like this is just the start of the holiday season, what a great month to have a birthday in India! (was the ninth for all those who forgot, no worries you can make up for it next year)

On Wed. the ninth it was raksha bandhan (band of protection). Sister's or cousin sisters or friends of the family if you don't have a sister tie a thread bracelet around their brother or rakhi brother's wrist. This means the brother is committed to care for and protect the sister all her life.

Next week, Tuesday the 15th is Independence Day ( I watche Rang De Basanti today to kick off the celebrations) and Wed. (will be the third 'day off' or bank holiday in a week) is krishna's birthday Janmastami- and the celebration with dahi handi. I will post pics, last year it was quite exciting, teams have been practicing to build the tallest human pyramids to reach a clay pot of yogurt (dahi) hanging high above and break it. [my simplified version]
An incentive to these teams of boys (I have not seen, but have heard of girls building pyramids) is the pot of gold. there is usually cash attached to the team that can successfuly build a pyramid and reach the pot. Politicians or political parties will host a dahi handi ceremony and donate large amounts of cash.

At the end of the month of August is Ganapati celebration, Ganehchaturthi festival. The Lord Ganesh (elephant headed god) is prayed and sung to over a ten day period, then immersed into the sea or other body of water. Ganesh is a typical Marharashtran god and remover of obstacles.

Like I said good month to have a birthday, at least this year. The Indian holidays, excluding the Independence day follow the Indian Calendar which has a Lunar and Solar side, breaking our 30 day months into two parts. So next year all this celebration, singing and praying may not be in August my Birthday month.

I wonder if that means Lord Krishna is a Leo though?

In the neighborhood
Met a guy in our local internet cafe, he is from SF. Hey Guri! Funny, working in Berkely, so close to my brother! He came to travel India for a month, nice to see people in the US taking off and getting a vacation.

He gave me the link to a friends site, another 'round the world traveling couple.

J and J another travel the world couple, linked on my menu bar to the left have recently been to germany and prague. Just reading their blog realizing how much of the world there is to see! I feel lucky I have been to travel as much as I am, but would love to see it all : )

Other portland couple/friends are planning a round the world trip, they had discussed two years at one time? all these pre children trips!


Ada said...

Hey Stacie!
Today is exactly one year since the first time i set foot in India. It was rakha bandhan on one of my first days at work - o the memories! maybe i will watch a bollywood movie to commemorate this day. Hope everything goes well!

lostdesi said...

Hi Stacie,

I am glad I got a chance to meet you. I will definitely check in from time to time.

Happy Belated Birthday,
I am glad that you are taking in (soaking) the sights and sounds and festivals of India.

I truly miss these and someday want to spend a year in India.

I will check out the other couples site. I can't wait until I have my citizenship and can travel most of the world. It is quiet tough to travel with Indian Passport.

I wish you the best,
do stay in touch.


Anonymous said...

What a traitor you are Guri! Thank you God you'll be surrendering you Indian passport!!!