Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Return to Bombay

Back in Bombay

It is hot! I love Ali she rocks, I rode on her Delta Budy pass and got Business class all the way....it makes all the difference on a 8 to 9 hour flight and I had two of them. Atlanta to Paris and Paris to Bombay. yes, I am bragging....you have a problem with that?

The hot part...these pre monsoon months are extremely, tiringly, draining hot. Makes you LOVE the rains when they came. I came from snowboarding in Colorado, snow at Bryce Canyon to 90 degree temps and there is no AC in the 14th floor flat.

After almost two months in the US, visiting friends and family (sadly I never made it to the wet Pac NW, missed my portland/seattle friends - sorry guys) it was strange to come back to India.

The traffic seemed a bit more chaotic than when I left, the honking more frequent and all the people. But I love it. It feels foreign again which is what I like about living abroad. Bombay had become a bit normalized to me before leaving (scary huh?).

Mukesh is happy to have me home I think.....we had the past few days together before he left on a Hong Kong flight this morning. I have been up since he left at 2am, jet lag...joy!

After a few days of resting I am slowly making contact with friends. Made a delivery to my longhorn friend, had met with her mom in Oklahoma to make the girl scout cookie pickup!

Will have to back track and post some pics and print on the road trip with Mukesh in March.

It is mango season - yum. We bought a box of alphonsos.....delicious and refreshing when you stick them in the fridge and eat em chilled.

Good to be back : )

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Jasmeet said...

Mukesh is your Husband? :)