Monday, February 20, 2006

back in states

My year long ticket was I returned to states. Spent time visiting family in Southern California. Mukesh came on a flight to LA, so we celebrated his birthday. Did some hiking in Joshua was hailing on us in LA. He said it rained last year in LA, when he was again in town for his birthday. So much for sunny california.

In San Fran....excuse me OAKLAND, now. Visiting Mike and Cynthia and renewing the Indian Visa at the consulate here, a great excuse to visit San Fran.

Today, Presidents day, Mike and Cynthia had off work and school! We did some hiking around Cliff House and Sutro Baths. Beautiful views of Golden Gate. Was a sunny day in the city.

Strange to be back in the US? sort of....still have not really adjusted to jet lag. Most of all I can't believe how expensive everything is. I spent $3.75 on a toll road in LA, that is about Rs 400! and a bottle of water, $3.99.....I am drinking out of the tap now, must be better than India's tap water which I had drops of here and there, rinsing fruits and veggies. I may have even had a glass sometime in a moment of desperation?

And it is cold here. My body acclimated to the Tropical Temps in Bombay. LA, Palm Desert and even San Diego felt frighteningly cold to me. Oh, portion sizes too. Ridiculous at restaurants how much food they serve you. I know I was aware of this working in Physical Activity and Nutrition policy projects in Oregon. The Obesity scare.....ugh there is enough there for three or four people sometimes.

Off to Oklahoma next, see mom & dad in T-town!

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