Thursday, December 15, 2005

adventure's of commuting to work in MUMBAI

train ride...
my morning commute can be hectic to say the least. It includes a 15 to 30 minute autorickshaw ride (refer to picture on post in archives) in morning traffic that makes you feel as though you have an exhaust pipe attached to your mouth. (I laugh about this!)

The train can be nice, it gives me time to work on my new addiction Su Duko and read on the way home. Of course most easily done in the comfort of a seat to rest your tush, rather than standing for the 45-minute journey. I try to catch trains that originate at my 'home' station, platforms 2 & 6 yet, at the busiest of times that does not guarantee you a seat.

You must be there waiting to push your way onto the local train when it arrives. In fact, people wait to get off after the shoving and pushing is over before disembarking. So, much to my dismay when I arrive at platform 6 and see the train has been sitting there for 5 minutes and the car is halfway full. I sulkingly enter and plan to take my spot standing for the journey between peoples legs who are comfortably sitting inside on the benches.

I was shocked, there was an open seat, by the window! with a newspaper sitting in the seat. I enquire the two occupants of the bench if they are saving it (actually unheard of) and they too act surprised that no one has taken the seat. Wow! I found a seat - the simple joys of life.

I estaticaly walk over to the seat and pick up the newspaper and find a pile of poop, on the seat. The two girls ran away squealing, looking at me as though I had taken the poop. Others in that side of the car looked at me scoldingly, silly foreigner.

I walk to the other side of the train and stand for the 45 minute ride.

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