Friday, September 23, 2005

Frisbee, Rain,

Fixing my Frisbee fiegn just makes me want more...I am attempting to gather a critical mass of current and future frisbee-ers in Mumbai to enjoy the game.  There is a visitor from our Wash DC office in town, I took her out to a swanky restaurant, I swear it was nicer than most places I go in Portland.  Seijo, it had hip decorations an amazing asian fusion menu, we had paneer stuffed with basil and a star anise glaze.  There bathrooms are funky, large eggs. three stand side by side.
India is bizarre that way, this town has dj's spinning the latest beats, trendy restaurants and bars, malls, multiplex theatres, castle like hotels and slums a few blocks away, the roads to get there are filled with pot holes and people pile trash in a pile on the side of the road for the city to pick up. 
Visited another of the 'trendy' bars last night.  Was excited for some live music, but it was a dj spinning that was over bearing the sax, flute, drum, keyboard combo.  In all honesty I didnot sit in long enough to give them a fair shake, but the acoustics were not so great, I could hear plenty when the door opened.  
That is something I am really missing.
here is a list.
1) Mesa - the sweetest black and white dog in Oklahoma!
2) Ultimate Frisbee
3) Friends/Family
4) Mexican food
5) Live music
6) parks
7) taking road trips
8) clean streets/sidewalks
9) riding my bike
I have met a nice group of expats.  Yahoo group expat, met a former long horn.  Funny a Sooner and Longhorn hanging out in India.  There is a group of volunteers from a Jewish organization they are here six months.  A friend from Canada, sweet girl who in one month has self-taught herself more hindi than I know in 6 months. <sad>
It has been raining and raining and raining.  Jamie and Justin friends from Portland arrive next month to stay and do some projects for a few months.  I am very excited...and it should stop raining by then.  At work yesterday the office put me into a scare about flooding, "trains are running slow", "we should all leave", "water is logging in Andher!"...I thought about it and decided to proceed with my social agenda for the evening.  It stopped raining on my walk to the train station and the train I took was normally just a few minutes behind schedule. 

Yahoo! India Matrimony: Find your partner now.

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