Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Monsoons are nearing

Monsoon Mania is to drop from the sky any day now. All this anticipation is killing me, I keep asking folks what I should do to prepare. Will life go on in the city? The lane I stay on is very dusty, lots of gravel and places there is no pavement, I think it will be one big mud pit - put I am reassured that life continues. (note: I was told there may be one or two days that the entire city halts, trains and buses, like a snow day or something)

Some tips I have been given or comments about the rains:
  • buy an umbrella (ok that was easy)
  • rubber shoes (all I have with me are sandals and tennies)
  • have a spare pair of shoes at the office - I rotate to two different locations in the week
  • you will get soaked (oh my hair!) deal with it
  • ....it is not that bad
  • "I love the rains"
  • everything turns green (this place is so beautiful and tropical already - I can not wait to see the difference)
  • train trips in the rain are nice
  • rivers fill and waterfalls are great to swim in

I was reading about monsoons on the net I read this ...."It is within these regions that the most vigorous and dramatic cycles of weather events on Earth takes place. " yeah!!

Did you know that there are monsoons in the US? "daily thunderstorms is often called the Southwest, Mexican or Arizona monsoon. It is also sometimes called the Desert Monsoon as a large part of the affected area is desert. As much as 70% of rainfall in the region occurs during the summer monsoon season"

I have a balcolny at my flat, should be nice to sit and watch the rains. I have quite a few books I want to read too, it is not like I have been spending so much time outdoors I will miss it, it is very hot the evening is the bearable time of day.

Went to a club this weekend, 7, fun - i love dancing and the bhangra is great. They play "Summer of '69" sometimes packed right in with techno, hip-hop, hindi movie music and bhangra. Many people start singing along....for some reason this really irritates me. Maybe it is b\c I was getting my groove on then the Dj brings the entire mood to another level. or is it b/c I secretly despise Bryan Adams? I do not know but it bothers me.

Clubs stay open until 1:30 if the cops are being attentive that night, otherwise the place rocks till 5AM. Wonder if the cops are just paid off some nights not others? After the club went for a late night bite at the JW Marriott. This place is full of the bollywood crowd. Several foreigners too. Actually, 7 had quite a few firangs as well, maybe b/c it is summer break in the states, i do not know if europe has a similar schedule.

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Jasmeet said...

Can't believe you actually used that word... Firang... it reeks of those jealous Indian women who are startled to see their men oogling at the odd white woman on the street or better still those girls who get more attention coz of their white skin!!! Ridiculous word!!!