Thursday, April 21, 2005

X man

Got word from Birmingham that a former ultimate friend was killed while riding his bike. Someone running from the police hit him in the car they were driving - ironic given he is a police officer - he actually played a role in apprehending the suspect. This fits right in with Jason's personality - full of zeal for life always living life to the extreme up to his very last seconds. Loved people - of all shapes, sizes, colors, and sexes.

He was so funny, I do not remember a time he is not cracking a joke or smiling. Well, maybe when he would be arguing a call on the field - that was time for all seriousness - but always respect.

I remember him stopping by my office at the UAB hospital when I worked as a research assistant during graduate school - he worked in a lab in the hospital. He was quite the entertainer! I remember when he told me he was going to police academy - I was shocked - I had not met any dynamic, kind, friendly, caring officers at that time and did not see the congruence there - how would it work. I remember thinking, 'well maybe he can bring the spirits (and attitudes) of the department up and improve things' - if anyone the contagious spirit of Jason could. I also remember discussions about the low pay of officers thus attracting those with High
School educations and many prejudices thus resulting in ego/attitude issues being motivated to take ajob because of the power granted and intentions to abuse that power. Jason stood out he was highly educated and tookthe job as an egoless act (was my impression).

So his spirit is off to a new body or maybe heaven dependent on what you believe in - I am touched I was privileged of his acquaintance. He made me feel welcome as a new-comer to the Frisbee community and later as a friend.

Death, especially of the young reminds you there are no promises in life. I understand better why Jason was so energetic, getting all he could out of life while here. He was accepting and nice to everyone I was associatedwith, a civil servant, community volunteer (big brother/sisters), and fun!! scoring high on the fun scale based on his costuming ability. The picture here is of summer league (i think) when I was in BHAM - and the entire team were superheros!

ok - can't download pic now - will try later!

thanks jason : ) aka X

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