Thursday, April 07, 2005

India - volume 1

What I like about India by Stacie Shelton -
1) food >>>Roti (Indian version of flour tortillas), Bindhi (ladyfingers aka ocra)
2) Diversity - the states all have different local languages and many are populated by a predominant religon
3) Colors of all the beautiful saris
4) Sunshine
5) spice of life - the sweet & the heat
6) beautiful people
7) Fresh cocunut water and cream
8) hospitality
9) spirituality &
10) I don't have to drive , although I would ride a bike if it was not soo hot
11) festivals *HOLI pics soon to come* I am told there is at least one a month and they honor the varying religons (Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Sikkh, Jainism)
Mumbai is a great city, there is so much to do, all the ethnicity of food, hotels to match any in the US, discotechques galore, the glam and glitter of the country, bollywood, and all the shopping you could want - on a sad note you see incredible poverty and sickness. This city I am told is growing and there are plans for positive change - oh Stacie , ever the Optimist.


bonzo said...

Yeah, but what about the food???

Have fun, and keep the posts comin'!

Jasmeet said...

Yeah, but don't judge everything through money and the world would be a better place for you to live in, darlin :)